Bridging for Beginners

People want to do politics in a new way and want to know how. This introduction to bridging the divide is a great place to start.

Cultivating Humility Series

A 3-part series with Marla Estes, sponsored through the City of Beaverton (OR) Peace-Building Grant.

Bridging the Divide Videos

Presented by Marla Estes and Rob Schläpfer

Critical Thinking

A Crash Course in Critical Thinking - Navigating the Post-Truth World
Presented by Marla Estes and Rob Schläpfer

Why is it so hard to know what’s true today? How does social media and “fake” news distort our perception of the world? How does bias get in the way of clear thinking and decision-making? Why do we struggle with being wrong, not knowing, or feeling uncertain? What can we do to think better?


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