Marla Estes has a background in Psychology. Since 2007 she has taught workshops and classes using film as a way to gain better understanding of ourselves and others.

She created Building Bridgers to address the political polarization in our country. Since 2017, she has been giving presentations, movie nights, book groups, workshops and classes.

Her focus is on education.

Understanding our psychology, neurobiology, how we’re wired as humans.

Understanding our cognitive errors, biases and maladaptive shortcuts.

Understanding our misperceptions about the “other” and about the issues themselves.

Understanding the problem with taking strong, unbending moral stances based on inaccurate, biased, partial and manipulative information. From all sides.

Understanding what’s right about the Right, what’s right about the Left, what frightens each about the other. And why we need each other.

© 2022 Marla Estes

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