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As a point of clarification, there are two separate programs I am doing with Crossing Party Lines:
* Movie Nights (on Mondays) in which we view short videos together and discuss
* Film Club (on Saturday afternoons). Because these are feature length films, we watch them on our own and then come together to discuss.

Both of these programs are free, and both need pre-registration.

Monday, February 8 ~ 5 to 7pm (Pacific Time)

Movie Night: Divided We Fall

DIVIDED WE FALL brings ordinary citizens together to wrestle with the complex issues that divide our nation. Breaking out of partisan echo chambers to listen to one another, the participants — equal numbers of whom strongly approve and disapprove of President Donald Trump — explore what it means to be an American.

Building Bridgers and Crossing Party Lines both seek to model what it means to "bridge the divide"— moving beyond abstract ideas that feel good to actually doing the work. Together.

This documentary illustrates viewpoint diversity in action, working with “the other side” to provide greater understanding of the issues and come up with better solutions ~ together ~ through a meeting of hearts and minds.
Register at MeetUp.

Saturday, February 13 ~ 3 to 4:30 (Pacific Time)

Film Club: Best of Enemies

“The Best of Enemies” tells the true story of the unlikely relationship between an outspoken civil rights activist and a local Ku Klux Klan leader during the racially charged summer of 1971.

Whatever your view of race relations in America, this film shows us a way to effectuate change: by winning hearts and minds, replacing our shaming and silencing with honest and engaging conversation.

This film shows us how we can foster cooperation and reconciliation with those who start out as enemies. It helps us examine how authentic, sustainable, and lasting change might happen.

You will need to watch Best of Enemies prior to February 13th event.

Details and instructions here.

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